Celebrating Inclusivity in Football: A-Leagues All Access Episode 'Together United'

April 19, 2024

GoBubble collaborate with The A-Leagues and their annual Pride Celebration!


We're thrilled to have been part of an exciting collaboration with The A-Leagues and their annual Pride Celebration! In the recent episode of A-Leagues All Access, titled 'Together United', the spotlight shone on the remarkable strides made towards inclusivity within football, thanks to cutting-edge technology provided by GoBubble.

Henry Platten, GoBubble Co-Founder's involvement underscores the pivotal role that our innovative platform plays in fostering a sense of community and acceptance within sports, particularly in the context of LGBTQ+ representation. As Henry brings to light how digital solutions are reshaping the landscape of football, making it more accessible and inclusive for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Join us in watching 'Together United', where Henry Platten shares insights on how GoBubble's technology is breaking barriers and championing diversity at all levels of the game. Together, let's celebrate the spirit of inclusivity that defines the A-Leagues' Pride Celebration and the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of football.

Together United | A-Leagues All Access | Season 2 Episode 20 | A-League Men Videos (aleagues.com.au)

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