Emotion AI content moderation that cares even more than you.

Why GoBubble?

At GoBubble, we believe in the power of emotion-based AI to create a safer, more inclusive digital world with no place for online hate.

Through our unique solutions we can help you

  • Protect your followers & team
  • Build positive engagement
  • Safeguard your reputation
  • Support moderation & safeguarding goals
  • Preserve mental health
  • Meet legal & compliance requirements
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Detoxify your channels with Emotion AI.

Reduce the toxic content on your social media channels with Freedom2Hear.

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By reducing the need for human moderation, Freedom2Hear protects your team's mental health, increasing efficiency & saving valuable time.

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Protect your internal platforms with GoBubble Enterprise.

GoBubble Enterprise is our API solution that seamlessly connects to intranets and internal channels, protecting your teams and communities from toxic content.

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