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Social Media


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Protects your community's 'Freedom to Hear' without infringing on 'Freedom of Speech'. Connects to your social channels in seconds without the exchange of any confidential information to identify, mute & prevent the spread of toxic content.

Perfect for:
  • sports_basketball Sports
  • photo_camera Influencers
  • attractions Entertainment
  • school Education
  • storefrontRetail
  • enterpriseBrands
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API Solution

GoBubble Enterprise

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If you operate a company intranet, deploy communication platforms like Slack or enable chat for your users, GoBubble Enterprise seamlessly integrates to protect your users, customers & team against content that does not adhere to your in-house community guidelines.

Perfect for:
  • groups_2HR & Talent Teams
  • sports_esports Gaming
  • sports_soccer eSports
  • apartmentCompanies
  • account_balanceFinance
  • phone_in_talk Telecoms
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How it works

Understanding Emotion-based AI

Our AI content moderation system utilises advanced proprietary (patent pending) algorithms to detect & analyse the emotional context of online communications.

By understanding the emotional context, instead of relying solely on keywords, we can accurately identify & (where necessary) mute hate speech, racism & toxic behaviour.

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More than just Content Moderation.

Everything is at your fingertips

Access your Dashboard to monitor and manually moderate your content effortlessly. With our intuitive interface, you can track and analyse toxicity levels and emotional patterns in real time. Stay in control of your channels by swiftly addressing any potential issues and maintaining a positive engagement with your community.

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What is emotion-based AI content moderation?
How does it work?
What types of content does it moderate?
What emotions does it detect?
Is the moderation entirely automated?
How accurate is the AI in detecting emotions? ‍
What is the impact on freedom of speech?
Do you read private / direct messages?
How customizable is the moderation process?

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